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And in video?

Clementine Bouvier Mc Cutchen from Haras de Soulignac presents the Alfa Jump stirrups in video. (In french)

Cheval Pratique tests for you !

In the June 2018 issue of Cheval Pratique, number 339, find out all the details of the Alfa Jump aluminum stirrups test as well as the testimonial of Philippe Rozier, Olympic gold medalist and riding partner of the brand. (French press article)

Article cheval pratique alfa jump    Article cheval pratique alfa jump (503.18 Ko)

Atout Cheval September 2016

(French press article)

 The stirrup has nothing more accessory !

Grand Prix Magazine questions for you the manufacturers of stirrups, accessory or real tools ? Guillaume Foutrier chose Alfa Jump. (French press article)

  Article gp magazine July 2016 (1.79 Mo)